Sunday, December 7, 2008

Playing With Matches

And it really burned me up.
To see your lies
As you told them
You practised that speech
As well as the tears
Eveything on que.
Like you.
So ill-timed.
So mis-taken.
I wish I could take back
My genuine words
As they built you up
So much higher than you could ever climb.
You weren't even sober.
Just like you weren't even sorry.
I counted on moments
You couldn't forget
To see you through
To assure you do
Remember me.
Closing the door now
Striking matches
Erasing every memory with you
So pleasing to my mind.
So wasteful of my time.
I bought into
I saw through
Your tough exterior
Hoping, thinking
It had to be real.
How off base you are
How full of it you were
How you could regard me
So carelessly.
And still kiss me.
You were never with me
On a page.
Stop pretending you were
Lying about empathy
Doesn't mean you understand.
Holding everything you could want
In the palm of you hand
And letting go
Is as stupid as it sounds.
The tears I cried
Never hit the ground.
You must've counted wrong.
And I really wanted to keep you.
Even when you're selfish and rash
I'm not one to burn bridges
But hand me another match.
I'll light it myself.

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